Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walked Through the Doors

I was back in St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver this week. Back on the transplant ward. Back to the offices where I was told I was in "Perfect Health" and would make an "ideal donor". Back to the offices where exactly one week later they told me I had cancer. Back to the elevators that took me up to the operating room where that cancer was removed. Back to the floor where I spent a week recovering.

I was back.

And yet I wasn't. This time I was not the patient or the interviewee, I was the friend. The Support Person of my friend who is considering being a donor for my cousin whom she has never met (God works in VERY mysterious ways).

It's interesting to realize what you didn't know back at the time things were happening.

I had to lay on the bed of the CT Scan machine for over twenty minutes while my films were reviewed by a radiologist upstairs. I thought this was normal. My friend? Hers was over and done with immediately.

My friend got the results of her CT scan the same day she had hers done. I wasn't expecting results and had no idea that the fact I didn't get mine was strange. My results came in the form of a phone call from my surgeon a week later telling me there was "something serious" and he needed to see me immediately.

Ultimately, I was rejected as a donor, but being willing to be a kidney donor saved my life. My friend was approved as a donor, and she may end up ultimately saving my cousin's life. My cousin she would have never thought twice about if it wasn't for the fact I was going to donate my kidney.

If I wouldn't have had been willing to donate, I would still have cancer. If I didn't have cancer I would not have my girls. If I didn't have my girls I would have missed out on loving them, and being loved by them.

Life is a tangled web. It was interesting to revisit the place where my life so drastically changed. I was glad to drive away with all my organs intact this time.


Anonymous said...

Wow... life is a beautiful yet tangled web. So sorry we didn't confirm our lunch in the park :( I spaced it with getting back into routine after our trip to San Diego. Please forgive me dear one and we will have to get together some other time. Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Very Beautifully written, Jen! God is watching over you and I know He believes you still have a lot to offer in this life. Funny how things work out. All the very best to your cousin and your very kind friend. Bless you my friend.... Susan

Unknown said...

Amazing! God is so cool. And it is so beautiful to hear of such faith, love, and hope working in your life. I love it. Thanks Jen for sharing. Your kids are so blessed to have you.