Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chaos Finds Me

My cousin was passing through this weekend and I invited her to spend the night with her family here with us. This is the sister of the cousin I was to give my kidney too, and although we haven't been close in years, there is a kindred bond there since the attempted donation and cancer diagnosis that is not easily broken.

Cousin J, her husband J, their daughter M, age 8 and their baby J who is exactly the same age as Miss Curious. Oh, and Turk, their 6 month old Black Lab / Irish Setter cross puppy. My house, always full, got fuller.

So yes, we had 8 kids ages 14, 13, 11, 8, 8, 15 months, 15 months, and almost 5 months. Busy? Oh yes. BUT then you add in 3 dogs. Annie, Turk and last but definitely not smartest, Trippy.

On this late summer evening my children were playing with their cousin on the trampoline, the dogs racing throughout the house, Trip flying off furniture like a rubber bouncy ball, and tearing into the back yard. We laughed at the sounds of everyone having so much fun.

Until I heard those dreaded words "MOM!!! THE DOGS HAVE A CAT"

I am not sure if you know much about Jack Russell Terriers but to my two, cats are merely chew toys with really loud squeakers. Squeakers that they want to get out, this often doesn't bode well for either the cat or the dogs.

The "Cat" turned out to be a tiny kitten. A tiny kitten that ended up named and sleeping in my bed.



This. One. Will. NOT. Stay.

In the last 24 hours the dogs have tried to eat said cat 37 times. I have had 33 heart attacks trying to save it. The kitten has discovered the crib, and the warm, snugly person sleeping in it.

This(tiny). One (currently sleeping on my lap). Will (purring loudly). NOT (for sure, probably). Stay (please mom, please)

Her name is Chaos.


Anonymous said...

LOL, love the name!

Jenny said...

Aw, Jen. You big softy.

And thanks. It's been a heck of a weekend and I really needed a laugh. :)

Dana K said...

Ha ha, thanks for the great chuckle Jen.

If you can take in a kitten with Trippy the freaky mutt I can handle it with Thing 1 and Thing 2. I've been fence sitting but I think you've nudged me off the ledge! Alexa will be so happy!

Andy said...

I once uttered those same words and magically we become a household with 12 cats overnight!

Good luck!!

skirbo said...

Well, good luck with that! Let me know how it works out for you. ;->

You can always train the JRTs to leave the cat alone ya know. lol