Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank Yous

We have tried to send personal thank you's to everyone that donated on PayPal. Before this, I had no idea that PayPal gave out donors' addresses, and I am really sorry if anyone was freaked out by the fact they got a note from us, but now you have my mailing address too so I figured it was ok.

For those that donated directly to the vet, they would not provide me names so I am just saying thank you here and if you email me I would be happy to send out a little something from Eric and I.

AND some of you do not have your correct address with PayPal (SHEILA.Z.) and your card was returned.

Just so you know, we share our story of Annie and our Miracle with anyone who will listen. You have done a good thing, all of you generous, kind and amazing people. People are blessed and amazed at your hearts.

Annie on the other hand? Annie is pretty sure she is being tortured and she has no idea why. Solitary confinement, a sore leg, the collar of shame? She does NOT say thank you .... yet.


PWNort64 said...

Annie may not be thankful yet, but her day will come when she realizes that all of this was "a good thing".

Amanda said...

I did get your note, and was very touched that you and Eric took the time to write personal thank-you notes to everyone. I also loved the photo of Eric and Annie! You are a truly lovely family.

Anonymous said...

Jen and Eric,

I too was touched by your lovely thank-you. Eric ... I really liked that you wrote such a nice note yourself. Thanks for the lovely picture! 'Hope Annie's recovery goes well and as quickly as possible.

Maria (TDKOL)

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed at the description of Annie's disgruntlement.

It is all the thanks I need to hear that she is protesting her confinement mightily and is utterly ungrateful to everyone.

Because that means she is on her way to getting well.

Bless you, Jen and Eric and Annie. You have restored my faith in humanity.