Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I picked up a prescription for Valium today*.

The kitchen is spotless. Cupboards washed & counters scrubbed. Oven clean. Updated photos are on the fridge, including ones of the inlaws. Wine** is hidden away for those times when needed.

Bedrooms filled with the somewhat noxious odor of febreeze to overwhelm the definitely obnoxious odor of teenage boys' hockey gear.

Picture frames dusted and straightened. Walls wiped down.

Children cleaned, combed and admonished on how to behave so that their Nan thinks their mommy is a GOOD mommy for the next 4 days.

Husband reminded that he has to live with ME, not his mother for the next 50 years. And then reminded again.

Now we wait for their arrival.

*The Valium? For the DOG. Annie is all Jack Russell and she feels GOOD. And what do Jack Russells do when they feel GOOD? Run. Jump. Play. And what do Jack Russells do when they can't Run. Jump. Play.? They howl. They whine. They eat down comforters. They poo in their kennels. What do their mom's do when the inlaws are coming? They drug the dog. BEHAVE YOU DUMB MUTT, NAN IS COMING!!

** The wine? That's for me.

P.S. Since I know my husband's family reads this blog ... the disclaimer. I LOVE my mother in law. She is truly a wonderful woman. And I know that it could be MUCH worse (insert nameless relative whom we are all thinking of here) The stress of their visit is MINE and mine alone. At what point in time do you quit wanting approval of your husband's parents? After 15 years of marriage you would think I would desensitized by now.


Di said...

Oh, Jen enjoy the visit. Oh and thanks for the truly laugh out loud moment (I inserted name, you understand!) Whew, go put your feet up, rest, or you will miss the entire visit because you just exhausted yourself!

Unknown said...

Di that reference was JUST for you!! :) God bless you woman, you are a saint!!!!!!

Kristie said...

You are a good mom, whom i wish to emulate

Jenny said...

Wait! You mean it isn't normal to frantically scrub everything in sight, prepare an impossible home cooked meal and threaten our kids into good behavior every time the in-laws visit? LOL

One Busy Momma said...

I'm glad that the recovering pup will have some medicinal help!

Hope you have a great visit!

Kuchenmeister said...

I am lucky to have a MIL who has a crappy MIL, ne that critique and picked apart (to her face) every aspect of why her house wasn't perfectly clean. With 3 boys at the age of 21, what do you expect? She has NEVER once comented on my ALWAYS messy house :)