Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Mom Means Lazy Blogger

It's summer time.
And Common Sense dictates that we go outside.

And that means the computer gets shut off and Mama goes outside.

And Happy Babies
Make Many Memories

And Mama forgets about blogging for a day or two.


Di said...

And we get to enjoy those lovely faces! Enjoy the sun, we are still waiting for sprinkler weather.

Kuchenmeister said...

Unrelated to your post, but I clicked on your blog to read it, but my baby Owen who is two months started to fuss. I picked him up and sat down with my back to the computer and Owen over my shoulder, and I hear him cooing. I turn around and he's smiling and talking to the header on your blog, of your daughters :) He stared at them for about 5 minutes!

Sunnie said...

Enjoy those beautiful baby girls!!! I love love love that we get to see and hear about them now!!!
I feel like mine was toddling around like that just yesterday---she will soon be 17 arghhh....where did my baby go??
Soak up every bit of it!!

Patty said...

Oh my! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Good thing they have a bunch of protective big brothers for when they get older! :)