Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Further Chronicles

Imagine for a moment the following scenario ...

You arrive at a visit at your child's biological family home.

Now imagine that without your prior knowledge they have a puppy there that they intend to give your child as a gift.  Imagine that they do this in front of you.

Imagine You say that you CANNOT and WILL NOT keep the puppy.   But you will find it another home.

Now imagine that fifteen minutes later the police arrive at the door of the home demanding said puppy as it was stolen.  And valuable.

And imagine that you tell the police where the puppy is because noone else is volunteering the information.

Then imagine the visit going on for another hour like nothing ever happened.

I have a good imagination.


Julia said...

Jen...you live such an interesting life! lol!

Kristy said...

At our last visit my daughters bio father said he almost got her a baby pitbull for her birthday. Thank God he did not actually do it. I don't know how I would have handled it. You are such an amazing woman!
-Kristy (first time poster, long time reader :) )

Anonymous said...

I am imagining this is why I just can't see myself getting involved in an open adoption. :-( Hope it continues to work out for you. You're a stronger person than me!

Elizabeth said...

Now THAT is a good story. You may not laugh now, but hopefully you will one day!

katiemae said...

LOL I can so imagine it!

Tudu said...

I remember the first Christmas with all the kids when I got the call to make arrangements to pick up the dirt bike they were to get from their parents. DFCS was going to allow it! I insisted it must be against policy and refused to do it. They were between 4-10 yrs old with so many issues, there was no way they could have handled it.