Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They just keep growing up

My baby boy has been away from home for a week visiting his "second home" and spending some precious time with his most favorite people in the world, who happen to be my sister and her family.  It used to be that this little man could not handle being away from his mama for very long at all.  On one visit to my sister's house he blamed his nose bleed on the fact that his heart had broken because he missed me so much.

Yesterday when I tried to talk to him on the phone he made sure to mention I was interrupting his PS3 game with his cousin and in answer to my "I love you kiddo " I got a hurried "yeah me too".  I am saddened that my muchkin is growing up but so happy that he can spend this time with his cousins.  My sister is easing my sadness by sending along pictures of my happy boy.

Thanks Jess.


Anonymous said...

reof course it has something to do with the fact my kids are in school and he gets to use the PS3 all by himself...although I made him jump 100 bounces on the trampoline first, incase you asked if he got excercise. J.

birthmothertalks said...

Kids grow up way too fast.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time he come home, this morning when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast he said "the usual",...then later I called myself mom to him and he just flashed a smile lol.