Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just call him Dad

Shelby came from a family of four siblings.  The youngest by 6 years, he was the rather spoiled and favored son whose mother was still folding his laundry and making his lunches until the day I married him. 

Before we got married, we discussed children and our future plans.  We knew we would adopt.  I had travelled the world at that point and had spent too much time in too many countries with too many children to be in denial that orphanage life is any life for a child.   It was a non-negotiable point in my marriage criterea.  Marry me, and we will be adopting older children who would otherwise not be raised in a family.  

Apparently he wanted to marry me.

Then we discussed numbers.  Shelby thought anyone with more than two kids was probably insane.  He argued rather adeptly that anyone he knew with four kids spent all their time PARENTING and none being fun grown ups.  You know things like dirt biking and water skiing and sleeping in. 

And so we settled on three children being our ideal number. 

We had Tanner, then adopted Greg and Eric.  Nine months later, and the DAY before Shel was going in to have his vasectomy we found out we were pregnant with Caden.  Apparently we were going to have four.

Shel forever gave up his dream of being that magic parent that still managed to squeeze out a life separate from his parenting duties. We prepared for being parents of four boys ages five and under.


Shel adapted and grew and stretched and loved.  And now, today he just laughs about our large family. Sometimes God knows best.  And BEING a dad is apparently the very best of what life has to offer.

If any man deserves all the toys in the world, it would be my husband.  Without complaint he gives up the luxuries that so many other men around us have.  A nicer dirt bike, a boat that he actually fits in, a vehicle that doesn't have seating for eight.  Because he is a dad to many, a great dad to many. 

Without complaint he sacrifices all his wants and alot of his needs for us, his family.   We love him and appreciate him and all he does and gives up for us.

Thank you Shel. You are loved.  I wish I could give you that bike you want. Hopefully one day soon.

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Lala's world said...

that was beautiful and very true! He is a great father!