Thursday, September 4, 2008

So tired. Need maid. Send Help.

So. So. So Tired.

Seriously people. SO tired.

Not sure why?

Could be the 4 boys needing parenting.

Or the fact my husband is away.

Or maybe its the 30 kids the first year teacher and I, first time Teacher's Aide, are responsible for all day.

Could be from hockey tryouts every night this week.

Or the fact my attachment disordered dog feels ignored.

And did you know groceries don't buy themselves when you work all day?

The dishwasher stays full?

The bills, the bills still need to be paid. At the BANK?

And laundry. Oh the laundry.

Lunches. I hereby decree that I hate school lunches. FOR ME. When you can't eat wheat, menu items that are packaged quickly in a lunch kit are few and far between. And new school regulations that dictate that NOTHING processed can be sold in schools anymore? Seriously, how can I avoid grocery shopping when my kids cant buy french fries anymore? Carrot sticks only tempt teenage and preteen boys so much.

On a good note, all 4 boys are loving school. Tanner enjoys french immersion, Greg seems to love his Hockey Academy Program, Eric is relieved I am in his class to be the buffer and Caden has made several new friends.

And if you enjoy housework, boy do I have a fun project for you!


Anonymous said...

Jen, take a breath!

One thing at a time, remember the world won't fall apart if the dishes don't get done.

You will find a routine.

As far as the bills go? Can you pay them online? Or can you set up any automatic payments through the bank?

We pay almost all of our bills online.

skirbo said...

Nothing but "I hear you"s over here. I'm not having a good day energy or mentality wise. Pleh.

Things will get better soon.


Kay Bratt said...

I can sympathize with the exhaustion. Leave home at 6am--school drop off, work all day, back home for supper, bath, clean up, and hours of work on my side job!I am so tired I can't sleep.... we need to slow down. Life goes way too fast!

Just hoppin' through.


pam said...

Do yourself and your family a BIG favour and hire someone to do your housework. At least every second week. It is an "ouch" at first but if you start right away you won't notice it as much and it makes the world of differance!

Lala's world said...

if you find a good housekeeper ask her if she has friends down here! I am in the same boat but at to that list no dairy and no corn...and if you read labels you know that corn and it's by-products is in EVERYTHING..and who has time to bake......ahhhhh :)