Friday, October 17, 2008

Cracking Up, Hockey Mom Style

EDITED TO ADD: Just to further prove my insanity, I am wearing my Obama "Yes We Can" shirt today. The whole idea made me smile. To a rink. In Canada. Oh the comments I can expect today! Should make time fly...

Ever have those days? weeks? months? How about years?

Last year sucked. This year? Not much better.

At the moment hockey is killing me.

Shel left Friday morning with Son #3. For a hockey tournament 5 hours away. (Readers in Vernon, BC - go meet Shel. He's the tall one, limping, with the goalie son). He probably looks relaxed and well rested. Thoroughly enjoying his quiet nights with the "easy" kid accompanied by plenty of adult conversation and more than a few rye and cokes. He has a grand total of 3 games to attend this weekend. Did I mention I might be a TAD resentful because I was SUPPOSED to be the parent going away??

Son #2 has a HOME hockey tournament this weekend. That means in ADDITION to transporting 3 boys, feeding 3 boys, catching up on house work and watching hockey games, I have to (yes HAVE to) volunteer an additional 15.5 hours a the rink.

I had 45 minutes after work this afternoon off.

5 hours after that of volunteering.

I have to be back at the rink for a 5:30 am start. I volunteer straight through until noon. Then I watch Son #1 play a game, then Son #4 play a game. Then I volunteer again from 4:00pm - 7:30 pm.

Then I have to be back at the rink for 7:30 am on Sunday morning until at least noon. Then I have my weekend off. Ok, its only 3 hours because Son #1 has to be back at the rink by 3, but you know, how much rest does a woman REALLY need?

I am not sleeping. I am stressed. I cry over nothing. My emotions feel like they are on a yo-yo. And there is simply NO TIME to process anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

So enjoy my 4 minute blog post whine because its the only time I am going to have to think about anything in between running to the rink.

By the way, I forgot to brag last weekend and while I was in Edmonton visiting my Nan, Greg was attending a tournament. He won MVP ... TWICE. Well done son. Remember, you are paying for your own damm college education after how much it cost to send you to that tournament so keep scoring those goals.


Vanessa said...

Congrats on the goal!!

Football is killing me right now so I know how you feel! Two two year olds to dance on Mondays and the rest of the week is football practice with games on Saturday and then church on Sunday!! Gotta love being a mom:)

Lala's world said...

thanks for the post and everytime I am feeling sad that we had 4 girls instead of 4 boys..... I WILL REJOICE!
hope you are surviving, it sounds like you need a good weekend away!!