Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pay Back: The Hockey Gods Must Be Crazy

You know, as a woman of faith, although admittedly someone a bit gun shy about being overtly public about it due to my strongly Pentecostal Upbringing (aka Charastmatic-Church-Induced-Traumatic-Childhood), I will tell you that sometimes God does something that makes me laugh. Out Loud. Today God is shutting me up but good.

To occupy some time, I let Caden put three tickets into draw basket today during our 14 hour marathon at the rink.

We sold thousands of tickets. Thousands.

And I won. A new Wii Fit is waiting for me back at the rink (where I will be again in a mere 9.5 hours). Very, very, very happy boys.

In hockey update news. Son #2 whose tournament I am slaving away at? He has lost every game. But did manage a "thank-you for helping out mom" this morning. At 5:10 AM.

Son #3 who is attending a tournament in Vernon? Lost every game. By a total score now of 30 - ZERO. Yeah. Not so fun for them either. Spent some time on the phone with him doing some long distance mama-hugs and tear wiping. Yes, he's a goalie. 30 to zero. Yeah. Not fun.

Son #1 won his game today. Deservedly so too. And he got son #4 out of his gear for me and was generally only slightly teenagerish for most of the day.

Son #4 had his first scrimmage and spent the entire time skating around trying to show me his very wiggly tooth through the glass while managing to avoid touching the puck EVEN ONCE.

And get this ... Shel was hanging around the hotel wearing shorts. A STRANGER came up to him and said "heh do you know Allan ***?".

"Yes I do" said Shel.

"I've heard about your knee" said stranger, while grimacing at the gruesome scar. As I said, they are now sharing a rye and coke and comparing dirt biking stories. Men. I knew one day those legs would get him somewhere, someday.

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Vanessa said...

LOL!! Sucha busy time for you guys!! Better luck to the boys next time around!