Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Parenting Techniques Available for Patent

Remember how I threatened to accompany my dear 13 year old to French Class if he didn't start behaving? The teacher had reported that he was being "overly social" and in a class of 30 BOYS, that's really not going to work with a young, female teacher trying to maintain control.

We had a little chat, my son and I. Responsibility. Privileges. Expected Behavior. You know, mom rhetoric.

I got his interim report card today. His french mark? 95.36%

And his teacher attached the following note;

We won't be having our next quiz until next week. Some of the students are
struggling with the concept of verb conjugation, so I'm going to allow them
more time to practice. Greg, however, is very capable with grammar tasks,
and has been able to help other students in the class. He's making excellent
progress, and I'm really pleased with his mature behaviour in class.

Did you notice the part about MATURE BEHAVIOR? I handed him a gallon of ice cream and told him how very proud I was.

Mature Behavior. MATURE Behavior. From MY 13 year old son. It's a miracle. This almost makes up for the You Tube video circulating right now his "friends" posted of him beating the tar out of another student during a school club wrestling practice while hordes of students stood around and chanted his name, cheering. All school sanctioned of course. But not overly mature.

BUT I HAVE HOPE. Maturity shall find us. One day. One day ... MATURE BEHAVIOR. Today, I brag.


Di said...

Pat your self on the back! Frame the comment from the teacher and give your son a big hug! YOU ALL have done a great job!

Andy said...

Good job Jen!!!

And way to go Greg!