Monday, October 27, 2008

Days Of Significance - Today is One

Today is significant.

I reminded myself of that repeatedly today.

When Eric threw a fit before saying good morning. When we realized the milk had gone bad. When kids at school forgot to do their homework, despite the three day weekend. When the science experiment didn't work as expected. When the boys all gagged on the dinner I cooked. When I had been to the rink for 3 separate ice times by 5:30pm.

Today is significant.

Today a neighbour buried her husband killed in an accident last week. I don't know her, but she and her 4 young children aren't far from my mind. Today is significant.

Today a woman I have never met but know of is taking her last breathe. Robbed by cancer, she leaves behind two children and a traumatized husband unprepared for the road ahead. Today is significant.

Today someone lost a loved one. Today a baby was born. Today some grieves. Today someone rejoices. Today is the best day of someone's life. Today is the worst day of someone's life. Today someone became a victor. Today someone became a victim. Today someone beat addiction. Today someone became an addict. All today. Because today is significant.

Today I hugged my sons. Today I snuggled my husband. Today I talked to a friend. Today I made a choice I am proud of. Today I could work. Today I was healthy. Today I had enough food to eat. Today I was loved. That, and so much infinitely more. All of that, ALL OF THAT, I fit into TODAY.

TODAY is significant.

I never want to be so busy that I forget I want tomorrow to be significant too.


Christine said...

Jen, you ALWAYS move my heart with your writings. I am in awe of your talent, and the way you have the ability to write such truth and meaning into all that you do. I admire you! Christine

Di said...

So true. Today is significant. You said it so eloquently. Thank you. That is a perfect scrapbook page!
here is a link to another blog I read saying the same thing.

Perspective is a powerful thing!

Anonymous said...

Yes truly are an inspirational person. You have an amazing talent in writing. You could, and do, change the lives of many through your writings...including me, even though we have only met in cyberland...I always look forward to your blog entries to lift me up, to humble me, to enhance my ways of thinking. Thank you.

Vanessa said...

Great post that is so true!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much... I will be writing again and when I do I hope you don't mind that I link to you.

The comment you left me has helped me more then anything anyone has said over the last few weeks.

I have followed your blog since your son's reunion with his birth family... those were days of significance for me as well. For me as a birth mother to a son.

Thank you for putting things in perspective for me. Thank you for the reminder that there will always be days of significance... good and bad.