Friday, October 3, 2008

Do our kids REALLY need a higher education?

So I have 4 kids playing on 5 hockey teams. The oldest 2 on "Rep" teams (that's the highest level), 3rd son on a Development Team (that's the second highest level) and also playing on a "house" team because its required to play development (basic level) and then our little guy on a house team as well.

We got a notice yesterday for JUST Greg's hockey expenses for THIS week.

  • $275 - fee for "carding" which essentially means drafting him by his team and registering him with Hockey Canada so he is eligible for the "bantam draft"
  • $250 - Team Fee. This is to cover the team start up costs.
  • $200 - Tournament Fee. The cost of travel, bus, food, hotel for next weekend's tournament. The first of MANY tournaments.
  • $85 - Track Suit. New track suits required this year because the team logo is changing.

That is $810 THIS WEEK. So our 13 year old can play hockey.

Did I mention Eric has to be carded. Has a team fee and goes on a tournament the week after next?

Did I mention Tanner has a team fee and is also going on SEVERAL tournaments this year.

Oh and they both need new track suits too. And you know ... food, a roof over their heads, heat and shoes.

Their college education fund has evaporated (or more accurately, froze).

We are practicing applying for scholarships starting today.


Anonymous said...

I think you need a hockey scholarship!

Hey, don't they pay professional athletes?! Seems like your guys should be getting paid, not the other way around!

Anonymous said... think I will really really really encourage Kale to, swim team, baseball??? Anything that does not involve ice and skates. Lol!

It's rediculous they charge that kind of money for children to play any sport.