Monday, June 22, 2009

Further Insanity

I am packing. To go camping. With SIX kids. For NINE DAYS.

Six Kids. *** 4 boys. 2 girls. ***

*** Two Babies. Two Tweens. Two Teenagers. ***

ONE Tent Trailer.

Thank God Almighty the Dogs are staying home.

And we are more excited than I can express because without fail this week is the absolute highlight of our year. Yeah for Harambee.

And my boys are in love. In love with two little babies they never even thought for a minute they would love so much. Eric sat next to me in the car today and told me, "Mom its way better to have them than I thought it would be. I love them". Greg, my way too cool for babies 14 year old, chose to stay home this weekend to cuddle Miss Tiny and her gummy grins she saves just for him rather than walk to the ice cream store with his friends and brothers.

I spent Father's Day with my own dad on a trip "away" and returned home with trepidation that my 30 hours away from Miss Curious would destroy the attachment work we had done. Instead she flew into my arms and snuggled in with the biggest, goofiest, happiest grin you can imagine, so happy that her "Mama" was home.

Tanner has declared that he wants babies FOREVER and that if the girls leave eventually, could I PLEASE call the social worker and ask for more babies the NEXT DAY.

In other words how crazy things were at the beginning has become our new normal. I blog with a baby on my lap.

And I love it.


Dana K said...

Oh Jen, this is so totally fabulous and I am soooo happy for your family that everyone is settling in so well with the girls and recent changes. I'm also more than a little relieved that the dogs aren't coming to Harambee. LOL. A friend volunteered to take thing 1 and thing 2 for the week.... ya, she doesn't know what she's in for. Poor thing!

Alyssa said...

Sounds picture perfect! Your boys are going to be great daddies someday.

Sandy said...

Ty is totally in love with our Little Miss H as well. He will play with her for hours rather than play with his beloved cars and trucks. I'm totally panicing about packing for camp. It keeps raining here so I haven't had a chance to reseal the roof of the tent trailer, put it up and load it and then put it down again. I keep telling yself that I panic every year and we still make it to camp on time. See ya soon.

Lala's world said...

that is pretty cool, I love how open and loving your boys are! great experience for them! we were raised with foster kids and although there were tough times...more for the teenagers cuz our foster kids were teenagers...but it was a great way for us to learn about love and tollerance and what "family" means!