Sunday, June 21, 2009


How much do you think the vet bill will be when 2 Jack Russells eat a 25$ full tin of powdered Baby Formula in a two hour period?

How many times do you think they will puke on my carpet?

How quickly do you think I can get rid of them on Craig's List?

FREE TO GOOD (or even medi-ocre) HOME: Two Slightly Ill Jack Russell Terrorists.

Due to neighbour complaints, I looked at investing in anti-bark collars for Dumb #1 and Dumber #2. At $200 a pop, its cheaper to buy the neighbours ear plugs.


OAM3 said...

Oh sheesh! Like you needed that this week... Who's taking them again when you go to camp? Can they take them early???

Good luck lady!

Andy said...

Tie them both up outside and give them a tblsp of Hydrogen Peroxide. It will make them throw up and save you the trip to the vet.

That's what we had to do for our dog when he ate the pack of Nicorette gum!

Good Luck!

votemom said...

oh my gosh.

how DO you do it?


Sandy said...

Oh my!!! Not even my dumbest dog ate baby formula. She ate everything else though. Hopefully you bought more formula while you were in Walmart?????

Taylor said...

Send the dogs to me in Montana! I'll take em! I have another crazy Jack Russell and a hyper Springer's amazing how much time they're spending OUTSIDE now that the weather's nice! :o) AND it's amazing how much barking doesn't happen when they hit the invisible fence trying to dig their way out...YIP! Shipping shouldn't be too much...just don't put anything illegal in them! hahaha

Taylor said...

Ooops...should have let you know that previous comment came from ME!

Blessings to you!


Alex said... DO you do it?

We keep wondering how much the vet bill is going to be when our Bullmastiff eats one sock too many :( We don't know where she gets them from but we lost track counting them in the...yard. *sigh* that and its getting harder and harder to find matching socks for my kids!!

Hope the pups(and your sanity) are doing okay :)

Nancy said...

Hi ~ somehow found your blog & am lovin' it!

Just wanted to say "hello". And that we have a chocolate lab who ate everything that wasn't bolted down when he was a pup. He had me close to losing my insanity - more then my kids could have ever. 10 years later I laugh when I think of some of the things he did... : )

Regina said...

LOL...reminds me of the time our Duke (Doberman) ate an entire can of Vanilla Slim Fast powder. I had to call the vet, who put the phone down he was laughing so hard at that. He then told me to add some vegetable oil in his food for a day or two and expect old Duke to be a wee bit constipated...

That which does not kill us makes us crazy...