Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relay for Life

Last night I attended the Relay for Life. And I cried. I cried without being able to stop.

I cried for me. For how scared I was, for the reality of cancer in my life.

I cried for my dad, for the battle his is facing and how scared I am for him, and for us, as he faces this battle.

I cried because I looked around I saw a sea of yellow shirts, all of us with our blue "Survivor" ribbons. Because this disease has touched too many lives.

I cried because I was so angry. I don't want to celebrate or even remember, I just want to fight back.
I cried because of how my life has changed because of this. I cried for my fellow survivors, and those that are lost. I cried for the joy around me, for the life that was there. For those that walked and walked in honor of loved ones. For those that were there because of me.
If you can, go donate now, PLEASE. Let's beat this.


OAM3 said...

Powerful Jen, just powerful.

Glad you went and that the dam burst. It has to be healing somehow.


Vanessa said...

Jen, Being a survivor will forever have changed your life! people like you who help to raise awarness of cancer makes it easier for the next person to fight! Stand strong with your head held high, you are a survivor and a true blessing to many people who are in your life!!

Di said...

Tears of sweet release. And fight we will.... Survive we will, thrive we will. And pray that in our lifetime (hopefully very soon) a cure will be found and those who come behind us will not have to suffer the same dreaded way.

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog - you're in my prayers!