Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puppy Meet Toddler

I have already told you about Trippy, our Jack Russell Rescue Dog, also known as Jen's Bad Decision of 2009. Trippy pees, bites, chews, whines and doesn't sleep very much.

Trippy has met his match, his best friend and his new companion in little Miss Curious. Miss Curious is a highly independent thirteen month old wonder child who also pees, bites, chews, whines and doesn't sleep very much. Her finest act, from Trip's perspective at least, is that she also throws food from her high chair tray.

We realize that both dog and child come from similar backgrounds. Neither had their needs for attachment met, neither were cared for in a way that provided appropriate guidance and boundaries, neither learned to trust the adults in their lives to provide for them adequately. As a result we have a crazy puppy and a on-the-go toddler keeping us on our toes.

Having parented several 13 month olds before, let me fill you in on the wonders of a child that has done much self care prior to arriving in my home. This 13 month old can CLIMB. She can open containers. She can flush the toilet. She can open doors and navigate stairs. All told that makes her a dog's best friend. He even wants to supervise her bath, and has jumped in more than once.

And all day, every day you will hear me say ... "NO! BABY that is PUPPY food!" followed by ... "TRIP!!! Put down that toy! Baby's Toy!"



Karen Huxter said...

Great post Jen! Oh my, I can't even imagine what camp will be like for you! Are there even enough Margarita's? Maybe you'll just fall over exhausted by 8pm and won't even need one, lol.

Unknown said...

Oh we are sparing Harambee! No dogs! NO DOGS at camp this year!! Thank the LORD ALMIGHTY for dog sitters.

Still Enjoying the Journey said...

That's incredibly true when it comes to puppies and toddlers ... only done it once so far, but remember it all! Great post ... good on ya for still having all yor hair!!!

OAM3 said...

Cute cute cute... it could be a longggggg summer ;-)


Regina said...

ROFLMAO. Good post! I have a shirt - drawing of a dog saying "Hi! My name is 'No! No! Bad Dog!', what's yours?" Sounds like Trippy. Love his little partner-in-crime. :)))

Thanks for a Friday laugh.

Di said...

Serrriously, you should be writing a book - you have a gift! Not only of writing, but a great perspective on life and living it to the fullest despite what gets tossed (whipped) your way.