Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympic Experience Part 2

A friend -- a kind and generous friend who gave her kidney up to my cousin thank you very much -- had the Olympic Torch arrive at her work place this morning.  And I got to run down and take some pictures.  In my pictures I am holding the wee ones but here are my bigger boys with they're as close as we are going to get Olympic Moment. 

Poor Tanner missed out again as he was at home doing his before school babysitting job.


Andy said...

Very cool!

Robyn said...

aww what a responsible lil guy tanner is :)

curious, are you not "allowed" to show pics of the girls because theyre foster children, or you just prefer not to?

you have such a beautiful family <3

how is dad feeling? how are you feeling?

Unknown said...

Robyn ... Tanner IS very responsible - kind of exceptionally so for a 12 year old boy.

And no pictures -- I would not choose to put pictures of any child on my blog that was not "mine" or without parental permission and until the girls are "ours" or I get parental permission (which at this point is the province, and I wont get or ask for that) the pictures stay off the blog :) Trust me - the minute I can I will share. They are very, very, very beautiful! :)