Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When it was announced that the Olympics were coming a few years back I was thrilled.  Not only were they coming but they were coming to my home town.  Vancouver 2010.  The boys and I danced around the living room and I told them grand stories of that day, 5 years away, when the Olympics would come to Canada and all the ways we could participate and enjoy this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME activity.  It was hard to imagine my gangly 10 year old as a 15 year old.  My 3 year old would be EIGHT and would REMEMBER.  We could go to events!  And see PARADES!  And take PICTURES!
Its 2010.  The Olympics start on Friday.  And we aren't going.  We aren't even going to be able to be IN Vancouver and I am sad. 
And so when I realized the inevitable reality that tickets are expensive and I have alot of kids and my husband hasn't had much of a job for way too long I decided we would focus on the Olympic Torch Relay. It was coming to town.  OUR TOWN.  And it was a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY.  We could be part of the Olympics.  And come hell or high water WE WOULD GO.  Because its the Olympics.  And its ONCE IN A LIFE TIME.  
And then Caden got the flu.  And then Shelby.  And then Tanner.  I did not care.  We would go.  We would go and experience the Olympic Spirit.  Because this is ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!

I started throwing up at 1 pm and the party started at 5:30.  At 5:15 I was wishing for death.  Apparently I was going to miss this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME opportunity, so looking over my bucket I sent my ill husband and the 3 reasonably healthy children out the door to go EXPERIENCE the Olympics.

And then Shelby lost a child and panic ensued.  And my kids remember this ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience as a long and scary night where they searched for their brother, who was clueless to the fact he was "lost" and having the time of his life. 

And I got one fuzzy picture of one kiddo enjoying her "Olympic Experience"  (aka the Glow Stick) she will never remember and I will watch it all on TV when it starts on Friday

And those pictures up above?  Those are from my sister because she actually got to experience it all.



Deb said...

Sounds like it was a once in a life experience, just not the one you planned on. One day, you will all laugh about this.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Love and hugs,

cassandra said...

So funny...you know, in retrospect. The flu is never funny when you are hanging over the bucket. I too am a mom with a plan and sometimes things shift quite a bit from what we are hoping for. I hope you will enjoy the games at home with your boys:)

Tudu said...

You poor thing. It cracked me up though.

Anonymous said...

'Hope you feel better soon!

Is there an update coming about your girls? Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Maria (TDKOL)