Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Red Color Day

This was my 18th Valentine's Day with my husband.  On our first,  I was only 18 years old.  As we collapsed into bed one night this week I promised that one of these years  decades we would do something romantic.  This year "romantic" seemed a laughable idea in the face of hockey, laundry and you know those six kids.   Instead we both agreed that we would consider the holiday a success if we managed to pull off our traditional Valentine's Day for the kids.

Our tradition started the second year we were dating when I sent my long suffering fiance to work with a sandwhich with pink tinted mayo. 

And Pink Supper was born.  This is also known as the day I go through an entire bottle of red food coloring.

This year Shel made Pink Waffles for Breakfast, and after sandwiching church, lunch, nap and 2 hockey games, I threw together our Pink Supper.

I promise next year (ah the babies will then be 1.5 and 2.5) the year after next I will be back to our former glory.


Anonymous said...

oh my dear sister, how do I put this nicely....? It's only lacking one thing,...palatability!


Unknown said...

Hi Jenn,

Nice to 'meet' you! :o) Yes, I did have the pleasure of meeting Maxine tonight. We had a great visit and found many commonalities!

I see you have four wonderful boys! Wow. I have six boys, plus now I have two beautiful girls from Ethiopia.

I would love to connect sometime. Yes, I am only an hour away, but I have been going to your town weekly for the last five months. We will continue to do this til at least June because of gymnastics. Perhaps we can meet up one of those days?

Please send me an email if you are interested in connecting. mum2boys@telus.net or drop me a comment on my blog


If you wish to see our adoption blog, it is http://www.sixboysandalittlelady.blogspot.com

This shows our videos of getting our girls and our missions trip to Ethiopia.