Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adoption Thoughts

The Boys - August 2005
Can you tell I just found a bunch of old disks that I thought were long lost??

I have many thoughts, opinions and ideas running around in my head about about adoption, adoptive parenting, siblings, what I wish I knew way back when, and even what I wish I DIDN'T know now. How being the kept child of a mother who relinquished affected me. How it feels to know my reunited sister placed her own child. How race and the color hierarchy played into our adoption decisions. What role mental illness and poverty have played in our boys' life stories. What I think of the "anti" infant - adoption movement. All twisted and convoluted and tied together.

I need some guidance - some ideas! So before I jump back into Adoption Talk is there anything YOU would like to see me talk about? Questions? Thoughts? Opinions?

Let me know and I will do my best!!


Di said...

Hi Jen... as a "relative" reader who has had very little exposure or personal experience with adoption - reading your blog has enlightend me, made me think, appreciate and become wiser. I have read, reccomended, linked your blog to mine because I beleive that your voice is important. That all views shared are well written, well thought out and have impact.
We now have close friends who are in process of adoption, and because of what you write, I feel I will be a better support to these friends. I am so excited to share their journey, and to love the child that they will welcome into their home. Keep wirting! I am sure the inspiration will come and it will be just what someone needs to hear at the right time.

Dawn said...

I would love to pick your brain on the anti-infant adoption movement, and also on adoption of African American infants. Things I've been thinking about.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about all of the above! Of particular interest to me is the way color and heirarchy played into your decision to adopt.

birthmothertalks said...

I would love to hear more about the fact that your Mom placed a baby for adoption. When did you find out? How did you find out? Do you think of it a loss? I worry about my two boys, my youngest son pleads for a sister. It's really sad.

votemom said...

i don't know what the anti-infant adoption movement is... so, could you talk about that?

votemom said...

oh forget my last comment. duh. i get it.

Anonymous said...

My digital camera is on the fritz. I'd love to read you talk about which digital camera(s) you have used for those beautiful poetic photos you and your family have taken of your children.

As a daughter of a photographer, who also likes photography as well, I am too curious NOT to ask you to blog about this. :)

~*~*~ \0/

(this is supposed to be me jumping up and down enthusiastically, well a stick figure of me who is bald LOL)