Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Thursday

Copping out of an actual post while I tackle the big issues for a new foray into writing about adoption soon.

I stumbled upon "Love Thursday" a couple years ago while reading the old blog of a fellow adoptive parent at Chookooloonks. Her blog has morphed, changed and become something of an iconic site over the years I have read there, but what has stayed with me the most (other than her stunning photography) is her dedication to Love Thursday. Google it some time and you will find some amazing images of love by many, many bloggers.

We have gone through two computer crashes and associated losses over the last couple years and in that process my old digital pictures were (mostly) saved to disk and never looked at again. With the advent of my new FAST - LOVELY - FAST (can I mention how FAST??!??) computer I have added all my pictures back. And found this one long forgotten.

Happy Love Thursday. Tell someone that you love them today!


Shalet said...

Happy Love Thursday to you!

SabrinaT said...

That is a great photo! They grow up so fast... Where does the time go?