Monday, January 12, 2009

Optical Illusion Monday

Ok, don't get used to it because I will probably only do this once but this picture still makes me smile. Taken on Christmas Day, 2005 its a picture of my baby boy, then 4 years old. Can you tell where he is or what he is doing? There are some obvious hints in the picture, but it was weird weather phenomenon that created the photo opportunity in the first place. Tomorrow I will add the rest of the montage that show what we were doing on that Christmas Day long ago.
Hint: No, he is not on pavement.


Anonymous said...

Jen is he on ice? It looks like ice?

Andy said...

Skating on a pond?

That is a beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

Outdoor pond ... playing in a puddle?

Maria (TDKOL)

Anonymous said...

he is so on a water covered pond...and that is one cool picture...nice photography

Lala's world said...

those are GREAT photos!