Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Birthday.

My baby. My man-child. My Son. Posing with his new birthday stuff. Very, very wrapped up in looking good and still concerned with acting good too.

He is my crazy, silly, funny, smart, witty, athletic, responsible, moody little boy who isn't so little anymore. Is it because he is my oldest that this feels so strange? Will it feel this way with each son as I watch them before my very eyes slip from baby to child to man and so very, very quickly?

His first dad (birth father) called today. This is the first time they have spoken on a birthday, probably ever although I don't know for sure about Greg's first birthday. They talked for less than a minute and then Greg said "Do you wanna talk to my mom?". In case you don't have kids yourself, this is kid speak for "I AM DONE". I am struggling with how much of their relationship is my responsibility right now. Senior and I chatted for another 5 minutes and he asked for more pictures. I will have to put together some soon. How I wish inmates could get email.

Its been a crazy week in the middle of a crazy month and tomorrow our family splits in 3 directions for various hockey committments and won't be reunited for 3 days. I wish you a happy, restful weekend.

And Happy 14th Big Guy. You are loved.


skirbo said...

Congratulations and happy birthday to your 'man'! :->

And your family seems as happy about the inauguration as I am.


SabrinaT said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!~ Have a great weekend...

Lala's world said...

happy birthday! 14 it's a huge year!!! enjoy!