Monday, August 31, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Maybe its the heat but I have a jumble of random thoughts today ...

School is STILL not in session here ... and another 7 days of summer vacation to go and the boys are bored and driving me nuts. And I might be counting the minutes until they go, but I would
never admit it.


Foster parenting is hard. Missed visit days are hard.

Made visit days are also hard.

Supervising visits is hard. I feel fragile and drained, and can only imagine how hard it is to be on the other side. Because no matter how hard those two hours are for me, at the end of the visit I walk away with the babies.

One day it will be the other way around.


Miss Curious can now compeltely dismantle childproof door handle locks. This child is FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD.

At mom's request, we are getting the girls' ears pierced. I was also with Jazzy when she had hers done. Many things don't make me twinge, but I never know what will. This does.


My dog is an idiot. I know you all know this, but just in case you need a reminder, they are both in fact, idiots. Lovable, cute, peeing on my floor and chewing my shoes idiots. Annie will lick Miss Tiny's face three thousand times in a row. Apparently it carries some residual formula reserves. Maybe she is just hopeful? Maybe she is an idiot.


My sister is on an Alaskan cruise with her family. I miss her.

I WON a cruise I won't be able to take because even prizes come with costs.


I had to go for blood and urine tests this week. The Lab Tech knew I had cancer. My dad is sick from his chemo but is almost done. I read at the kidney cancer online forum this week. It makes me sick to my stomach with stress to read there. I want to forget, then realize I can't. My doctor booked my CT for November.


Today would have been my first day back at work. I am home. Unfortunately, so is Shel. He needs a job.


Anonymous said...

Our kids don't go back until after labor day. I guess some schools are starting before but not ours. 9 days to go but who is counting.

I have supervised visits before and it is difficult and puts foster parents in an awkward position. I don't like it at all.

As far as ear piercing, not something I would agree to do with a foster kiddo as it is a lot of responsibility and not something a baby or toddler really needs. But good luck, the safest thing to do is take her to a tattoo place that does piercings with a needle rather than the piercing gun.

One Busy Momma said...

I will second the previous poster... I was actually going to comment the same thing... get those ears pierced with a needle. Most tattoo places are more than equipped.
Also, with our little girl (who was pierced at 3 months old) she lost earrings like no tomorrow... she now has spring loaded hoops like I have. We have not lost an earring, they look cute, and you can change the color of the balls if you want/ need to.

I have to laugh about your 15 months old disabling safety equipment.... I have 3 of them!!!! Baby-proofing failed on all levels in my home....

Sorry that you have to supervise visits... that would have to be very awkward.... also seems that it would bring up a lot of resentment...because yes... you are leaving with their children... Too bad there isnt another way...

Hope the rest of your summer days are fun!!!!
Hoping that your boys have a great time at school!!!!