Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Call Me Crazy

I have admitted defeat. This animal will never, ever not pee in the house.

This is how my day started:

Remember Trip? I might have mentioned him before. And before. And maybe possibly before.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

Last night an accommodating, non-blog reading overnight guest invited Trippy to sleep with him.

Right around 11:30 pm Trip decided to relieve his bladder.

Did the dog whine at the door?

Did he jump off the bed?

Did he even move away from our guests body?


And our guest? He slept in it rather than wake us up.

After apologizing profusely, our gracious guest brought me his laundry, washed himself off and left rapidly saying an "unexpected trip had come his way". No pun intended.

Do you want to know how my afternoon went?

Miss Curious took a long, long nap. Longer than usual. At least that is what we assumed she was doing. Napping that is.

She wasn't. Pants off. Diaper off. Two hours of play time? You can only imagine the mess.

Really cleaning up dog pee off the guest's laundry wasn't all that bad.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and she is DEFINITELY smarter than me.

Oh and my evening? You would like to know how my evening went?
Tonight we are sorting out new school supplies. New pencils, crayons and markers to bring tears of joy to a tired mother's eyes.

What I forgot to mention to the boys? PUT UP THEIR OLD SUPPLIES.

Take your hand off your direct dial line to Child Protective Services. That is marker, not blood. She thinks she is so funny.


Anonymous said...


Mom 4 Kids said...

She was putting on her lip stick marker style, I get it.

I hope the diapered dog thing works out too. I may have to try it!

Andy said...

Oh Jen!

suggestion for Trip's diaper - cut a whole in it for his tail, it will stay on much better!

or check these guys out:


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! As the mother of twin 17 month olds, I can certainly relate!! I found them a few days ago with one of their diapers removed and both of them playing with the poop.


P.S. I am the one who had the indiancorn blog. Now is urbanadventurertales.wordpress.com

Tammy said...

that is the funniest day ever.. although probably not for you. ;)

ah kids taking their diapers off, one of those things I never thought would happen to me. I used to put my kids' diapers on backwards and with a diaper cover over top during naps. I think your little one maybe too smart for that little trick though.


Anonymous said...

This entry was SOOO funny! I needed a good laugh today...thank you so much! This is too cute and funny!