Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Accidental Parenting 101

First, an update on the injured party. Shel has a couple cracked ribs, road rash up one side and down the other.

He took close to 50 staples in his knee/leg and a few stitches in other spots. He is off work for the time being because he still isn't mobile.

He has a drain in the wound that hopefully can be removed today. And he is loving the pain killers in a big way.

He popped a bit of a fever last night but it appears that it's back down. His pain level is fairly high, but manageable as long as he stays immobile.

Its going to be a long, long road to recovery. If you are interested in seeing the pictures, email me. But be warned, they are GROSS.

As far as Eric goes, I think he is doing fine. Actually, BETTER than fine.

Being touted as a "hero" for his efforts to keep his dad calm and safe. We have been saying over and over again how very proud of him we are for his calm and cool head during an emergency.

We are letting him talk about it as much or as little as he wants, but also not letting him escape from the reality that daddy was injured. They spent last night cuddled in our bed watching Jurrasic Park.

All in all, we so appreciate your prayers. Eric is doing great. Shel is going to be great.

Our week is a busy one. Both Tanner and Eric are in hockey school from 11 - 5:30 every day. Greg needs to be transported 4 hours south to my dad's to attend HIS hockey school by the weekend. My cousin is having a baby ANY DAY and I was supposed to be there for that. My Nan is still in the hospital, and all my associated friends are still in various forms of crisis.

And I will survive a 5th gigantic baby, RIGHT?


skirbo said...

Wow. They've already sent him home??? Wow. I would have expected more time in hospital for that much injury.

I had a bunch of staples after abdominal surgery in December. They were very easy to have removed-I didn't really even feel it. Hope it is the same for your hubby.

Hugs and prayers

Anonymous said...

You know I want to see pictures. ;o) What is he on for pain? If his pain doesn't get much better and he still occassionally spikes a temp I would bring him back to the hospital/doctor as it could mean infection and antibiotics are needed. Although with his injuries I would imagine he's on antibiotics anyways.
When it rains it pours....

Anonymous said...


I want to see the pictures. I find injuries and the body fascinating. I want to see the bone and muscle tissue and the drain.

Just email me


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

You'll survive a 5th baby somehow. I have faith in you.

Glad to hear he's home, though yeah it's going to be a slow road back. The good news is that he'll be 80% of the way back relatively quickly. The bad news is the last 20% takes forever.

Also glad to hear Eric's coping well, and hope the other boys are doing the same.

Hang in.