Monday, August 11, 2008

Joy and Sorrow

Jen met with Shelby's doctor today and the news is all good. Shelby's infection is in the knee joint, however the antibiotics are eradicating it nicely. He will be finished the IV antibiotics in 24hrs. No surgery tomorrow, in fact he should be released tomorrow afternoon. Jen's friend is meeting her half way from home and bringing Eric to her. He is having a rough go of things and just needs mom. Eric strongly values routine and consistency and being with his mom will help him. She will scoot back to the hospital to discharge Shelby and bring him here to my home.

I must admit it kind of feels like I have assumed her life. I have her kids, her blog and soon her husband. I told her I was okay with it all, as long as she sticks around and doesn't decide to go on vacation or anything. =) (did I mention I have a husband and 2 boys of my own?)

Shelby feels strongly that Jen needs to be near T for a few days, to support T. This will allow her to attend the service for her mother as well.

Gotta go put another leaf in the table,



Andy said...

You are a good woman Jess! Jen and her family are very lucky to have you there. And we are lucky to have you bringing us updates!\

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going well!

And you better stock up on the food there Jess! That's a lot of boys !

Di said...

Good news! God is good!
All things are working out. Jess you ROCK!