Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Learn Something New Everyday

Seriously, who knew?

You can imagine the groin/groyne jokes by the boys (big and small!) after seeing this sign while camping last week.

And just for your enjoyment - Scenery photos from our camping adventure. Consider this your "Tourism BC" information photo blog for the day. Vancouver is a GORGEOUS city, no doubt. Victoria is stunning year around. But the interiour of the province? We rock too. Come visit.

Ashcroft, BC

Looks pretty, but it's really a mine tailings pond. Look, don't touch!

Ranch lands near our home.

Okanagan Lake. Kids swear they see the Ogopogo every year.
And because my sister will point out to me that my American readers will think we live in the middle of nowhere, AND despite the fact that these photos make it look completely rural - we have PEOPLE and CITIES too. And notice - NO SNOW. Not a single igloo or dog sled in sight.

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skirbo said...

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

It is so beautiful up there.