Thursday, August 21, 2008

A little more to know about me

'A gossip is one who talks to you about others, a bore is one who talks to you about himself; and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.'

My first meme ...

Its supposed to be 6 quirky things about me, but seriously I am not that quirky. So how about 6 things about me you didn't know? In no particular order ...

1) I love to text. Love getting texts. Am a quick texter. Seriously, why talk when you can text?

2) The rocking chair in my living room is my favorite possession. It was my great grandmother's. My mother's water broke while she was sitting in it when she was pregnant with me. Its old. Its ugly. Its creaky. And its MINE. It's so closely tied to my kids idea of being mothered that when Caden was little and sad he's cry "rock me louder mommy" - Knowing we'd end up in the chair together rocking our hearts out.

3) I have 5 friends from high school (hi girls!) and we are in contact almost daily. We have our own website. We do girls' trips once a year. We are as different as can be (right wing, left wing, SAHM, lawyer, counsellor, American, Canadian). But we are sister-friends. The strange thing? In high school, we weren't that close. Actually, a couple of us hated each other. Sometimes life is strange.

4) I have several hundred cousins. My maternal grandmother is one of 17 kids. My other grandparents each had at least 5 siblings. If you have a relative from Maillardville, we are related. Of course, its bonus points if you know where Maillardville is because it isn't really found on any map. I never, ever escape relatives. I registered Greg for high school this year, his school counsellor grew up with my dad. In Mallairdville.

5) I lived in the Philippine jungle for 4 months when I was 18. I got typhoid. Strangely, despite having travelled all over Asia, the Caribbean, the USA and Mexico I have never been east of Saskatchewan in Canada.

6) Between kindergarten and grade 8 I attended 11 schools. I never went back to the same school twice, and twice switched schools half way through the year. This also takes into account the fact I skipped a grade. We moved a lot. My mom was very picky? Really I don't understand the logic. Half way through grade 8 I moved to the school I graduated from. My first day of grade 9 was the first time in my entire life I wasn't the "new girl" on the first day of school. I will never forget that feeling.

So, anything else you want to know about me?


skirbo said...

Wow. I also have more cousins than I can count thanks to large families, mostly on mom's side.

And my daughter's school career? When she started with me last year it was her 17th public school. All different.

No wonder she struggles, eh?


Anonymous said...

There are quirks but I'll leave them as your secret. But where the heck did you find a computer while CAMPING?