Saturday, August 9, 2008

Auntie Jess' Update on Shelby, Jenn and boys

This is Auntie Jess here, Jenn's sister, you can call me Jess. Although I may not have the writer's touch like my dear sister I am here to simply add an update on Shelby, for those that have been wondering. Bear with me, I am a blog virgin! It's a little out of my "element".

I live 6 hours from Jenn, but this is a tangible way for me to help out. Jenn is unable to blog as she's been living at the hospital and running around gathering and dispersing children, packing, meeting doctors, getting all 6'4" of Shelby to the hospital, and travelling. I will try to do my best for you and her.

Shelby has gone into surgery at 9:30 tonight, Saturday. He and Jenn are 3 hours away from their home, in a major city center. Jenn drove with Caden and Tanner, while Shelby had an ambulance ride. He has a definite infection in his knee joint and the doctors drained another 22mls of fluid from the joint this morning. He is getting reconstructive surgery, possibly the first of a few, as I type. It is supposed to be roughly a 3 hour surgery. There is some concern over swelling in his foot and of course the infection in general. They have changed his antibiotics to the most powerful type.

A family friend has picked-up Tanner and Caden from there and brought them into my city for me. I have just tucked them into bed, it is 11pm and they are little troopers I tell you! They had a 6 hour drive today and it has been a tough week for them too. I met their ride about a half hour away from my house and drove them the rest of the way here. We had an interesting conversation on our short drive, including lots of talk about COWS, blood, stitches, staples, roadkill, infections, risks of surgery, homesickness, getting spoiled, what to do if you are stuck in an elevator and have to go pee. Apparently carrying an empty soda can is encouraged. It's amazing what you can cover in a limited amount of time.


Greg is off to hockey academy in the morning and is already staying with family 4 hours from home. Eric is in his home town with a family friend, also in good hands. Eric is having a tough week, as you can imagine.

Please keep these little (and not so little) guys in your prayers as it is tough for them to see Dad this way and to be uprooted like this. Having the boys taken care of will now allow Jenn to focus her attention on Shelby, which is good. It has been a very difficult week for all! We are all just taking one day at a time. We will try to add a little calmness and fun to their week ahead.

We will try to keep you posted and give an update tomorrow, after the surgery.

p.s.-Grandma Nan is "home" from the hospital.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Auntie Jess.


Di said...

Great job Jess! Thank you so much for the update. So much easier to pray! So good that you are able to help with the boys!

Anonymous said...

for the update!

Sending out positive energy and thoughts to everyone!

Andy said...

Thanks for the updates, please pass along my thoughts and hugs to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Got people all over the world praying for Shel at a set time.


pam said...

Thanks for doing this Jess. We're all sitting around feeling so helpless it's great to stay informed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess for the updates. Sending prayers and hugs to all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the updates.

Thoughts and prayers for health and comfort along the way.