Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Common Sense Marriage Advice

Word to all my (two) male readers. Read on and learn.

If you actually NEED someone to give you a sponge bath it is NOT a sexy experience.

Let go of the fantasy.




Anonymous said...

in fact if you HAVE to do something it is anything but say after Shel is all back with his vim and vigor he may want to revisit the sponge bath you play nurse thing...then there is a good chance it might be sexy...but that is not something we want to hear about on the blog K?

Keep smiling Jen....

Anonymous said...


skirbo said...

ROFL... that's funny. And true. Men can be so weird.


Di said...

Oh, Jen - Lord give her patients!
I am so sorry, this made me laugh out loud! Good thing I did not have a beverage in my mouth.
Tell shel to behave himself!!!
Praying here!!!