Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 10

Random thoughts after ten days with no coffee, Diet Coke and no carbs (ok, a few).

I was really hoping I would be skinny by now, alas I am not.

What's with having to pee all the time? Seriously!

Along the same lines - I think I am obsessed with my Ketostix. Nothing says progress like peeing on a stick. (and its been a LONG time since I have said THAT!)

I am running out of good ideas for food because when the whole family groans about having to eat steak AGAIN you have a problem.

I feel good. My energy level is fairly reasonable, I am not cheating, not even a little bit - unless you call that 2 carb piece of sugar free gum cheating.

I dreamt about cheese cake last night.

My children and husband are still alive, and husband is still eating like this along with me. Come the two week point, I think he is quiting. At that point, he is fair game. I am pretty sure that no judge would dispute that eating a potato chip in front of me would be reasonable grounds for divorce.

10 down ... 100 to go? UGH.

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