Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Our weather has been gorgeous lately. Gorgeous that is, if you like a clear blue sky and a slight breeze. But alas, it has also been cold. Still. AND STILL, AND STILL. We are in that strange time of winter where our temperatures plummit at night (-20C/ -4C) and are hovering just at a warm and balmy 0C / 32 F by mid afternoon. Mornings find us bundled up under scarf, gloves and coat and by the time the school day is done, coats are discarded and a trail of dirty water runs under the snow banks.

And yes, I am serious when I say coats are discarded. Its a sure sign you are surrounded by Canadian school children that when the snow begins to melt, the complaining begins. On the playground this week I have heard the following comments; "I am DYING from the SCORCHING hotness!!" and "There is NOTHING to do in the SUMMER" (this said by a child complaining about the inch of slush that is on top of the still very present 18 inches of snow!). I actually sent a capri pants wearing child inside at recess this morning because she seemed (amid strong protests) to be under dressed for the -15C / 5 F weather! She disagreed.

But I am not immune either from the pull of the warmer weather and gorgeous days. And so we headed out for a day at the beach. For comparison's sake, I show you our beach in June and our beach in February. For my southern friends who may not realize this truth - Lakes Freeze.

Summer on the Lake

February ON the Lake (quite literally)

We got out of the house. We ran. We slid. We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air, the beautiful day and the time together. Who says it needs to be warm to enjoy the lake!

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