Monday, February 16, 2009

A Perfect Moment

Maybe you read my blog and know nothing about adoption. Maybe you have never parented a child that is complicated and interesting and tough and amazing and tiring. Maybe you have never dealt with Attachment Disorder and don't know anything about it. Maybe you don't even believe special needs exist.

But if you do, if you DO understand what its like, you will understand that when my son handed me this Valentine I promptly burst into tears. He had made it secretly and on his own, with no prompting from anyone. He wasn't expecting something in return or hoping to get out of trouble. He thought of it and made it on his own from candy he had received at school. My son made us a Valentine because he wanted to show us he loves us.

So if you don't know anything about adoption or have never parented a complicated, interesting, tough, amazing and tiring child it might just look like a piece of cardboard with some candy glued on it, but to ME, its the most beautiful Valentine in the Whole World.


Vanessa said...

What an amazing Valentine indeed!! Glad it made your day!! HUGS!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

The symbolism of the heart in your son's gesture is indeed perfect. He has opened it up to you, and that is indeed momentous.

I got chills reading it, Jen. I can only imagine how you felt when you received it.

Bonnie said...

That is priceless.I can only imagine what it means to you!

Andy said...

That is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful moment!

I found your blog on Perfect Moment Monday. I am an adoptive mom who underwent IF treatments for 4 years. I started a grassroots not for profit, Parenthood for Me, Inc. Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those starting families through adoption or medical intervention. Please visit our website and blog.
And pass the links along.

Erica Schlaefer

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen...I soooo understand! My kids made me Valentines while I was at work that day and gave them go me when I came home.
I too cried because for the first time, they were able to write on their own, with their tiny little hands, "TO MOM"...and like you I BAWLED! The most beautiful words in the world!

abebech said...

It's beautiful.
How precious -- the valentine (sharing candy?! would not happen here) and the kiddo.