Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They're Trying to Take My Baby!!!

Ok so its not as if there are masked men beating down my door, these baby stealers are far, far more insidious and sneaky. They send letters. TO MY CHILD. Addressed to him. My barely out of diapers CHILD (ok so that is a bit of a large exaggeration but ... STILL!!!) Sneaky, baby stealing letters.

What are these horrible letters you might ask??? They are letters from JUNIOR A HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS. Letters of INVITATION to "Prospect Camps". They use flattery. They use incentives. They use pretty pictures.

And they invite him to try out for teams FAR, FAR, FAR away. From ME.

I was under the illusion that he couldn't be scouted for another year. These letters tell me I was in denial. Am I conflicted? Heck yeah!

Proud? Absolutely!! Overwhelmingly so! This is a huge thing for a 14 year old in a hockey crazy town, in a hockey crazy province, in a hockey crazy country.

Scared? Absolutely!! The team that invited him out today is at least a 12 hour drive (and ferry ride) from our home.

Confused? Yah think?? This is his dream. To "make it". To get these opportunities, and who am I to deny my child their dream? But then there is reality, his dream means that he will have to leave home early. This is a kid who ARRIVED home late. What is the wisdom in letting a child who experienced much in his early childhood leave home so young? It's our job as parents to protect him, even from himself. What 14 year old wouldn't want to be asked to play for a team that would undoubtedly be a huge stepping stone for him? Would he regret that we let him as an adult and ask why we didn't stop him? Is he sacrificing his childhood for a sport? Would he hate us for denying him the chance?

Yes, I am jumping about twelve steps ahead of where I need to be because in reality its very, very different from being asked to come out and being asked to play, but it is these thoughts that flood my head when this happens because this is only the first of several invitations to come.

No easy answers. So today I am proud, and scared and wonder what the future holds for my talented baby boy.


Vanessa said...

Wishing your handsome baby boy all the luck in the world!! It's not too often this kind of opportunity comes around!! Be proud and tell him congrats!!

Di said...

You have every right to be Proud, scared, and excited all in one. This is HUGE! The boys are fortunate to have a mommy who does think ahead and try to sort out all the senerios before hand so that she can have a plan.
You in the end will do what is best for him, that is why you brought him to this country. To love support and offer him a better chance at life than what was being offered in the beginning. In the mean time, celebrate the letter, hug him as close as he will let you and leave the rest in God's hands! WOW! This is so cool for him!

Anonymous said...

Hugs Jen.

Hang in there!

I have a baby boy and a couple of girls I can send your way if you'd like. We'll pick them up in a couple of weeks ;)

Andy said...

WOW!! Congrats! I can definetely see the conflict. But keep in mind, the Mooseheads have a great team and I know this cool family he could hostel with in Halifax!

votemom said...

that's exciting and scary for sure - i get it!

(just wait until all four branches of the military start sending mail every other day of their life - literally every other day of senior year. argh!)

Anonymous said...

holy cr@p handsome photo...that Greg...what a handsome man..I say let him read this entry...well, maybe not the diaper part...that might be embarrassing...

what a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sons prospective amazing life experiences. I live in a community that is hockey crazy. The Drumheller Dragons bring in young atheletes like your son and billets them into hockey homes. The local chiropractor gives free adjustments to those on the team that need his service. I'm sure the team/community you pick will be the right one. Many more blessings to you and your family.

Unknown said...

If anyone comes back and reads this post ... I registered him for the Prospects Camp today.


Lala's world said...

congrats! that is a pretty big deal! J's cousin left home early to play hockey, he now is in his finaly year at the University of Alaska on full scholership, he would be a very good person to talk too about the pro's and cons!