Monday, February 2, 2009

Stay the Blankety Blank OUT OF MY WAY

If I seem a bit grouchier or heck downright miserable right now, I figure its fair warning to let you all know I have given up caffeine.

And not just caffeine in general, but the LIQUID ELIXIR OF THE GODS - Diet Coke. Yes, that staple in my diet. The drink I have been known to consume with my rice crispies before 9am. The drink i have in my coffee cup at school every afternoon. The fuel that keeps me going.

Gone. Done. Kaput. Replaced with some watery caffeine free version until I can break the habit completely.

Add to that, my morning cup of coffee, mentioned previously as being the BEST part of my day? Replaced with a decaffeinated version fit for the dog.

And in case that wasn't enough? Carbs too. Gone. So yeah, this is a house of fun and pleasure at the moment. Be warned.

Why you may ask? Well that little cow vs. husband vs. motorcycle accident from the summer resulted in some unexpected side effects for my dear junk food loving, diet hating Shel, namely he has turned into a slightly "fluffier" version of himself. For me, its a constant battle that I lose unless I have free time to spend at the gym. Free time? Yeah. Not happening right now either.

And so we are kick starting ourselves into being slimmer, trimmer, slightly grouchier versions of ourselves. Hopefully our marriage survives and the damage to our children can be undone by a year or two of therapy.

In the mean time, I would kill for some good low carb chocolate and am on the hunt for effective pain relief for this KILLER head ache I have going on. SO STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!!

If you don't hear from me for a while, you might take into consideration that my husband has a large shop with a lock on the door and it doesn't have internet access. He promises he will let me out when the ravings stop.


Anonymous said...

I can sympathize - I'm an AM (and PM) diet coke junkie too. I don't know if you have it in Canada, but try Excedrin for the headache - it's acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine, and may help you in the initial painful weaning.

Also, good luck!! I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with you--DC is definately the elixer of the gods--my ears prick at the sound of a can being opened. I've gone cold turkey twice in the past year. Both times I've lost weight (go figure!). But even that benefit was not enough to keep me off the stuff for good. There's something about the taste, the cold and the bubbles! So good luck! We'll see if you have better luck staying off the stuff than I had.


Lala's world said...

we are doing the same thing over here, Hubby has to lose weight and cannot drink alcohol I am jumping on the band wagon with him, oh help my god! my poor poor children, forget the nanny we need a resident therapist!!

but it is good that you are getting off diet drinks...aspertame (sp?) is HORRIBLE for you!!!

Vanessa said...

IF you're gone too long we'll send the searchers out to find you!! Hope you can kick the caffeine and save your sanity at the same time!!

Unknown said...

I didn't even MENTION the wine. NO WINE. NONE. Ugh. Life without diet coke, wine AND chocolate?? Sad, sad, sad!

Funny thing is, no headache today, but Shel has one!

Anonymous said...

WATER WATER WATER! When I went cold turkey on my DC I had such intense headaches from the caffeine withdrawal and guzzling water really did help. Ya, not so tasty, but it really does work!