Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Days of Significance: Part Two

A while back I wrote with a deep appreciation that every day was a day of significance. I can talk about that with the assurance of a woman who supposes that she has many days of significance ahead. The privilege of raising my children. The privilege of loving on future grandchildren. The privilege of living each day thinking there are many days ahead.

Now imagine that you realize every MOMENT was significant because your days to come are few. A year or so ago I stumbled upon the blog of a mom of two little girls, then 10 and 7. She was facing her third diagnosis of cancer with a sharp wit, much hope and the intent and will to beat it.

I've watched, and read, as she has changed and accepted her days of significance are going to be far fewer than anyone deserves. Its heart breaking and fascinating as an outsider to watch someone quit sweating that which is really the small stuff - job, money, anger, frustration - and simply accept that each moment is significant. Her blog has morphed from angst over medical coverage (Thanking God, truly, I am Canadian with universal medical coverage), the annoyances of chemo, inconsiderate workmates that that which is truly significant to all of us, at the heart of it. Her friends, her husband, her daughters - truly that which matters every moment, but especially when your moments are finite.

As a mom, I can feel her fear for her daughters and her attempts to do right by them. As an adoptive mom I understand, more than many I suppose, the pain that her daughters will go through because I have helped my sons process the loss of two mothers and I see the grief first hand. It will break your heart, but its worth it if you remember Today Is Significant.

Go read. Honor Lisa's Moments of Significance. Remember your own.

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Di said...

This one should have come with a tissue warning! It certainly touched close to home in a real way. Days / moments of significance are what we make of them for sure. Thank you - for the link, it certainly helps to put things into persepctive.