Friday, August 15, 2008

For Sale: One Slightly Worn Husband

Shel has improved drastically in the last two days.

To the point that he is bored and felt up to going out and around town today.

I know what you're thinking - this is GREAT. He is going to want to do something positive with his time, right?

Out for coffee with me, his exhausted, sick, long suffering wife?
In to the office to check calls and emails?
To the park to watch his kids play?


No. Shel demanded to be taken to the DIRT BIKING STORE. To look at DIRT BIKING stuff.

DIRT BIKING STUFF. Yes, you read that right. DIRT BIKING STUFF.

You know, my husband that was nearly killed last week by his dirt bike? The husband that has put us all through more stress than he can imagine because of his DIRT BIKING ACCIDENT?

Yes THAT HUSBAND went to go look at DIRT BIKING STUFF.

He, his crutches and broken dirt bike can be picked up at the nearest Bus Depot.


Di said...

Must be the drugs! Or just tetsterone... Praying that God would give you a great measure of patients!

Shelby smarten up.... hmm reminds me of Grandpa when he had his bike accident asking how his bike was. Must be a genetic thing...

Anonymous said...

Men! Glad he's feeling better.


Unknown said...

Oh Jen!

Just getting caught up. VERY glad Shel is doing better.

Must admit to laughing at wanting to go to the dirt bike store. Men.


Anonymous said...

you know he had to show off his dirt bike wounds to other dirt bikers!!!


skirbo said...

It's probably a 'get back on the horse' thing. "Besides," he will oh so logically point out to you (not realizing how close he will come to a smack on the noggin for doing so), "it was the cow's fault."

This too shall pass.


Anonymous said...

The perspective of the injured. I wanted to look at protective gear at the dirt biking store to prevent this from happening again. Dirt biking is my sanity when life throws curve balls at you. That said my timing sucked and for that I apologize, especially to my long suffering wife.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Way to man up and apologize, Shel! Ps. I know you brought him home with you, Jen... must have been too much for the bus depot, what with the wheel chair, crutches AND dirt bike... sorry bout yer luck, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen! That sounds just like something my DH would do. I'm glad he's doing better though. :)

ajjhmf (jenny)

Angela said...

I lol'ed at the thought of "besides it was the cows fault" comment :)

Glad to see you were allowed in the house today Shel *assuming you are not replying via laptop while on a long bus ride to nowhereland :)

Tudu said...