Friday, August 8, 2008

Missing: Active and Exciting Blog

Blog murdered by man incapable of self movement.

Exhausted wife, mother and blog writer found curled in a corner humming to herself.

Promises are being made that things will return to normal, writing wise, sometimes next week.

But don't bet your life on it. In this house ANYTHING can happen. I mean SERIOUSLY? Who would have thought a cow, a COW!!!, and a motorbike could take out this much?

Prayers for my Greg tomorrow please as he leaves home for two weeks. Greg is a kid with a ton of potential in many ways, but one of those ways is definitely in hockey. He has the amazing opportunity to play in a Development Tournament for the next two weeks with kids from around the world. He will get NHL level coaching, be scouted and have an awesome experience not many young boys with the dream of going pro get.

Also, he has been a huge help to me as he can help lift his dad out of bed when needed and mostly, I am going to MISS him. This is the longest we have been apart, ever and after this summer, we are both a bit clingy. The other boys and I were supposed to be camping near him for at least the second week so we could watch his games, but that seems like an impossibility now.

Anyone want a pre-paid camp site on Okanagan Lake in exchange for a daily drive to make sure my son is getting fed, dressed and taken care of? Helps if you like hockey and don't mind a cold rink in August.


Di said...

Cousin of said mother found curled up in the corner wishes she was closer so she could offer more practical help. Know that

I am leaning on God's shoulder on your behalf OFTEN through the day!
Your blog will be missed, but understandable!

skirbo said...

I'm so glad your hubby didn't need surgery. I'll be praying for all you guys. I'm still shocked they didn't admit hubby to the hospital and just keep him there!!


Anonymous said...

Jen, I've been thinking of you and Shelby and the boys. I know everything will be alright soon but appreciate how unbelievably difficult and tiring it is right now. Hang in there!

And say, did I get it right? Did Shelby run into a cow on his motorbike? That's nuts.

We are heading off for a week so will be without internet access - something we enjoy apparently a lot more than you do. But we will continue to think of you. Love, Ann