Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer's Last Dance

Summer where I live is beautiful.

It's usually warm, dry, with no humidity. Not too hot, nice cool nights.

It's when neighbours take walks to the park, the kids sleep out on the trampoline, the dog naps in the shade.

It's also BRIEF.

So while its here, we appreciate it. Use it. Enjoy it. And there are only 2 weeks left.

Tomorrow my boys and I head out on the last road trip of the season.

We were supposed to be camping all this week but because of the Knee Cap Incident of 2008 the trip was tentatively cancelled.

Now with the Miracle Recovery of 2008, its been rescheduled, at least for the kids and I. The decision being made that 4 nights is better than none. And we have to go pick up Greg anyways.

As Shel heads off to visit the surgeon tomorrow in a city 3 hours away, I will head off with the trailer and the boys to meet a friend, my sister, her husband and boys and spend these last few days of summer camping.

In the rain. You did hear me mention the BRIEF part of our summer, right? Tonight, its supposed to be a high of 5 C (that's 40 F). And rain. And more rain.

And, of course, I will be spending several hours in the rink watching Greg play hockey.

So between the rain and the rink, it will feel like October. But that's summer in the North for you.

Fleece blankets packed. Sweat shirts packed. Hot Chocolate packed.

Along with shorts, swim suits, sunscreen, and hats. Because its liable to be 40 C (110 F) during the day.

Wish me luck. By Sunday we will be all back together. FINALLY.


Andy said...

Ah the joys of weather in Canada!!! I hear your pain (says the East Coaster who hasn't been properly dry in 2 weeks - if it's not raining then the dampness has sunk it's vicious teeth into everything including the sheets! YUCK)

Have a wonderful trip!

Di said...

So glad that some camping time worked out. Have fun. Put your feet up and just enjoy the time with the boys. Have fun, laugh and take lots of pictures.

Sue said...

Have a great time! The weather isn't much better here in NY.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Sounds terrific! Hope you have a wonderful and refreshing time, and that the temps are temperate.

Thanks for entering the M&Ms giveaway. We'll announce the winners next week, so check back in when you return -- in case I need to get your address.