Monday, August 4, 2008

When the "what ifs" scare you to death

One of the things that my boys love to do together is dirt bike. Shel has bought each of the kids their own bikes, and he usually takes them out one by one to spend time together in the mountains. Other than hockey, this is their fun time activity to do with daddy.

And it terrifies me. But I also know dads and boys need these things together.

Yesterday was a quiet day in our house. I did some scrapbooking, Shel took Tanner out for a ride. We had supper together and then Eric and Shelby were going to go for a ride.

Greg and I went grocery shopping. We got home. We unpacked the groceries. We were uploading a song to his MP3. It was a normal Sunday afternoon.

My cell phone rang.

On the other end was my screaming husband "I've been in an accident, you need to come get me! "l'm hurt, I'm hurt and I am going to pass out".

I was driving before I realized I had forgotten to tell the other kids what had happened.

I called Shel back. Thankfully, he answered but he knew he was about to pass out. He handed the phone to Eric.

Now you have all learned about some of our victories and struggles with Eric. Eric usually can't handle stress well at all. Anything that is unexpected, shocking and certainly scary would have previously made him incapable of thought or movement.

Eric laid Shelby down. Eric knew his dad was in shock, so he took off his own coat and covered his father up with it. He talked to me on the phone until I arrived, and then he ran down the road to wave for the ambulance.

Eric was a trooper. Eric is now Shelby's hero. And we are BOTH so proud of how he handled something which for him would be his ABSOLUTELY WORST NIGHTMARE. His parent, injured badly, and he is alone with no help. And he held it together, at least for last night. And we are proud, so very proud of him.

Shel was transported to the hospital. I will spare you most of the gory details but there was leg bone, and gallons of blood, ligaments, and gravel. 50 staples later, several stitches, 2 sedatives, 2 pain killers, the left side of his body frozen until noon today and a drain sticking out of his leg.

It could have been so much worse.

Because last night my husband was in a motorcycle accident.


Anonymous said...

How scary!!!!

Hope Shel will be okay!

and way to go Eric!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!! That had to one of the most frightening moments of your life. I am so glad he is okay, and I am glad that Eric was so strong!!!

Praying for a speedy recovery!


skirbo said...

Praying for you guys over here and hoping that your hubby recovers quickly.

Hope Eric is continuing to do okay, and boy did he do things right.


Angela said...

Oh wow, very scary! I am so glad your husband is okay, I hope he heals quickly and comfortably!
Way to go Eric, it takes a lot to tuck away your own shock and fears when someone needs you in an emergency! I hope he continues to be a trooper as he watches his daddy heal.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your well wishes everyone. Shel is currently sleeping. The boys stayed with friends last night, and are graciously keeping them for me today.

His pain level is REALLY high. I really dont know what the recovery process for something like this is, but its got to be long. He has 50 staples in his knee, a couple cracked ribs etc.

I had to empty the drain out of the wound (Ewww Gross! I was NEVER meant to be a nurse, EVER!).

Eric will be touted and celebrated, I promise. Shelby was SOO impressed with him and how he handled it. Hopefully the PTSD trauma wont come out too badly. Hard on a kid with his profile to see that your parents are fallable. We will see.

Di said...

Praying for you all. Praying that For Eric, he will see the powerful hand of God! I know you and Shel do! May he be your strength and the glue that gets you through this. Greatful it was not any worse. Keep us posted.
Geesh, time for a little quiet in the Nickel house!!!

Anonymous said...


Oh my, it's moments like these when we see just how precious life is, and when the best comes out. Hugs to you, to Shel, to all the kids and to Eric especially for keeping it together in a time of great stress.

Healing energy your way.


Anonymous said...

Jenn, please give the following message to Shelby:

Dude!!! I love you man!!! Next time you see me I'll be making you a monte cristo!!!

And Jenn! Take the best care of yourself you possibly can. I wish I was there to help. Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, how scary. I'll be praying for Shel and his recovery. If you have any nurse questions let me know. I am so proud of Eric - what a hero.