Friday, February 20, 2009

Teeny Tiny Signs of Spring

As my fellow bloggers share stories of their flowers and their spring planting plans, I decided you might enjoy the signs of spring when you live in the North.

#1) Filthy Snow: The once pristine snow turns brown, ugly and downright annoying. We have at least 2.5 feet of standing snow still in our yard, more in places. But what's left is ugly and lacking in any sense of beauty. Be gone.

My Driveway

2) "Break-Up": The 5th Canadian season. The time of year when the snow melts, the ground turns to mush and mud is everywhere.

It took me at least one "Break-Up" season here, far north of the temperate rain forest climate of Vancouver that I grew up in, to realize that people weren't referring to the end of their relationships. Up here, after Winter loosens its grip, but before Spring arrives, we endure this season. When you hear its break-up you know that means the forests are closed to logging until the roads dry out, and that means half our town is out of work.

#3) The Christmas Tree I threw 2 feet out the front door months ago, that was nicely concealed with a pretty layer of snow to hide our laziness from the neighbours is exposed. Exposed but still frozen solid into the snow beneath rendering it stuck for at least another three weeks. My red-neck roots exposed for all to see.

#4) Road Hockey. Its a National Pass-time and without a doubt the surest sign of Spring. The sticks have been dug out of the garage, the net dragged down the driveway and the 7 month long road hockey marathon begins. The neighbours SAY they miss it when the boys' games finish for the season, but on our otherwise childless street, I am not so sure they are telling the truth.

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Andy said...

A yes, the re-exposed Christmas tree! A true sign of spring in these here parts!