Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Run For Your Lives!

The end is nigh.

Miss Curious, sixteen month old wonder child, just got HERSELF out of her playpen.

It is possible I will never shower again.


Anonymous said...


Di said... Time for a straight jacket (not serrious) Yikes.... turn the playpen upside down and weight it.. You beyond have your hands full.

Kuchenmeister said...

My son, on his 6 month birthday climbed out of the bassinet (right) next to my bed in the wee hours, climbed up on me and stood up. His squeel of laughter woke me. He slept in the crib that night! But he walked at 10 months and talked full sentences at about a year. At almost 3 y/o, I am running for my money from 7:30 am (he apparently has an internal alarm) til 8:30 ish when he finally collapses. No nap.

Jenny said...

I remember having a similar feeling when Micah walked at 8 mos. My house took 3 years to be 'clean' again. Good luck!

junglemama said...

Now you just shower with her! :)