Monday, September 28, 2009

Stuck in a Rut?

You know you are stuck in a rut when you buy yourself new shoes. Well, new "used" shoes from a thrift store anyways.

And when you get home you realize that your "new" pair of shoes is absolutely identical to a pair of shoes you bought yourself LAST year at another thrift store in another city.

I now have two identical pairs of "new/used" shoes. What does it say about me that my taste in shoes is SO bad that I can find the same shoes a year apart, in two different cities that both fit me. And I like them so much I bought them again and didn't even realize it?


I spilled coffee on my keyboard. Yep. And then it made funny noises and now it no longer works. Me and my kids' (now working) computer? Friendly!


$1352.41 Total amount raised on PayPal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My boys have raised the rest by selling excess hockey gear, working for the neighbours and hitting up their grandmother. We have the option of a vet a bit of a drive away that can do the surgery for less money, however he has no open slots for over two weeks. We will consult with him today to see if Annie can wait that long. Sadly, we don't think she can. IF however, he tells us she can wait for surgery without it causing too much damage, we will donate any leftover funds to our local SPCA. I hope that is acceptable to all of you. And I am still waiting for all those emails from readers asking for Trip-Pee to come for a visit. We would be SO happy to send him to you for a vacation! Annie goes to the vet this afternoon for a pain patch and surgery, if we can't wait, is set for tomorrow afternoon! THANK YOU!


birthmothertalks said...

It's wonderful that people pulled together to help you at a time in need.

Sandy said...

I'm glad you were able to get a hold of John. He has saved my pets' lives on more than one occasion. Hopefully he can help, if not this time at least you know where he is for next time. Did anyone mention to you that there is a high likelyhood that it could happen to her other leg???? At least that is the case with large dogs :0( My dog did in his second leg 7 months after the first one.

Dana K said...

If you get the cheaper surgery I don't want you to give my donation to the SPCA. Don't get me wrong... I love their cause and they do great work... I just love YOU and your family more. Buy food, pay for hockey, buy a 3rd pair of those same shoes (okay, maybe not that!), get a haircut or simply pay the electric bill. As much as I knew Eric needed Annie, I also know how much I need/appreciate your blog and want to honor you. Keeps me grounded. Helps me cry when I need to. Makes me laugh out loud. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

'Glad to hear you raised enough money. I'm with Dana K ... utimately the money is yours to do with what you see "fit" ... but I, too. would prefer to have any extra benefit you family.

Too funny about the shoes. Picture?

Maria (TDKOL)

Regina said...

It doesn't mean you're in a rut, it means you're a frugalista with excellent taste in 'classic', timeless styles! :)

Good luck to Annie whether she has her surgery tomorrow or in a few weeks.