Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

So I took pictures of the boys on their first day of school that I would LOVE to show you.

Miss Curious ate. ATE. part of my SD Card Reader.

Or she fed it to the dog? I am not really sure. Either way, pictures are on my camera. The cord? The cord was lost a long, long time ago. And this is the cheap, little camera mind you, because I think I mentioned that Eric dropped my expensive, wonderful and beautiful camera in the creek back in August. So I am down to a cheap little digital camera without a cord and no card reader.

You know, if I didn't have kids or dogs, my house would be in one piece. If my husband didn't touch anything that is. Did I mention he downloaded a virus onto our second computer, which is now the square dust collector in the corner?

Four kids, a job seeking husband and I all fighting for one computer? Guess who is winning.

Yes it would be the job seeking husband. The progressively more stressed out job seeking husband. If you pray, please keep it up. You can only apply for so many jobs without hearing back before you get depressed and very, very scared. I think we are there.

Speaking of scared, so were my sons today. Did you remember how confusing those combination locks are? Two to the right, one to the left and then BACK to the right? Try and tell that to a nervous, stressed, over tired 13 year old who has memory problems. Then I had to tell him he had to take the tape off the back that had the number on it.

Sort of defeats the purpose, don't you think?

Speaking of defeat (Its a night of segues!) Trip is defeating my last ounce of patience. For those that follow my Facebook Saga Status Updates, I am not ready to give up yet. For those that don't, HE PEED ON MY PHOTO ALBUM. Not just ANY photo album though, he peed on JAZZY'S memory album. Other than my grandmother's rocking chair, I probably don't have anything more precious in my possession. He pee'd on it.

There is no way to add anything productive to THAT story.


Kristie said...

I feel for you hun I realy do

birthmothertalks said...

Your not along with the peeing stuff. Animals I tell you.

Thanksgivingmom said...

Yes, but if you had no dogs or hubby or children to destroy cords and computers and card readers - what would you take pictures of???

((((hugs)))) to your boys dealing with those damn lockers! I hated mine so much I just carried a backpack full of junk - sounded okay at the time. Ah, back problems.....

Anonymous said...

Do you think your hubby wants to learn fiber splicing? whatever that is that my hubby talk about needing more guys to do.