Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well Now ...

Miss Curious just came out of the bathroom chewing on a tampon. A CLEAN tampon at least. Reminds me of the time when we had friends' over for supper - PARTICULAR friends, if you know what I mean - and Caden came out of the bathroom with a tampon stuck up each nostril. Again, CLEAN tampons, although by the look on our friends faces, I am not sure that made it any better.

Both babes are teething, or sick, or both. According to the rather harried doctor that saw us yesterday, it is NOT the swine flu. And, ah, QUIT WORRYING. Apparently I come off as somewhat of an over protective mom. Miss Tiny, my little "failure to thrive" and "fragile underweight" baby is a total CHUB of a child now. Doubling her weight since her arrival here 4 months ago, she is now over twenty pounds and A-C-T-I-V-E. As in can hyperactivity BE diagnosed in a six month old? Lord help me. The speech therapist discharged Miss Curious when I told her that she now has over 50 words. Apparently 50 words in a 16 month old is NOT something to be concerned about. Again, that over protective mom vibe might be sending off some signals.

The hyperactivity might simply be part of living in our house? Can it be contagious? If you have ANY ideas on how to explain to a rather smart but single minded Jack Russell Terrier that she is on TOTAL BED REST until her surgery (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) I would LOVE to know. A frantic call to the vets' office today and a request for valium (for the dog, not me) was forthcoming. It looks like surgery is scheduled for Friday, or maybe early next week if the surgeon is unavailable. (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) The vet told me that they have also received calls of donations directly and we are overwhelmed.

All told, $1100 was raised through PayPal. I am not sure what is at the vet's office and someone let me know that they have sent me $100 directly. The vet has agreed to let us do a payment plan option for whatever is not covered. Annie will be walking around wrapped in bubble wrap for the next 10 years and I promise to cherish the gift you have given us, and teach my sons the same. (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU).

I am particularly proud of Tanner who has plastered the neighbourhood with fliers. "12 YEAR OLD BOY TRYING TO RAISE MONEY FOR HIS DOG'S SURGERY. IF YOU HAVE YARD WORK PLEASE CALL ###-####". He has been put to work after school this week and is thrilled. That reminds me, I am also particularly proud of Greg who has done a bottle drive and offerred to sort all our recycling to collect that money for Annie as well. Eric is amazed at how STRANGERS and his BROTHERS love him and want to help HIS dog. This has been a very, very good thing, my continual tears aside.

There is nothing like walking around in a state of awe at the kindness of strangers. This has been a HARD year. A very, very hard year. In some ways it continues, and yet, despite the continual exercise in being humble and overwhelmed, I have learned SO MUCH . So much about accepting and gratitude and receiving. Its hard. I would so much rather be on the sending side of things and I cannot wait until I am. But for now I know this is a lesson I needed to learn.



Unknown said...

Saw your article in the OMH paper> Good job Jen. Praying everything goes well for Annie. Maybe we will meet some day. I would be honored to visit with you.

Unknown said...

Sheila :) Anytime. Actually I think we know some of the same people. I am listed ... call anytime you are up here.

Kristie said...

once again Jen you continue to amaze me and bring me to tears

Di said...

O.k. the tampon stories had me crying becuse I am laughing so hard! (I have pics of 2 of the 3 girls with "girlie goodies" stuck to their faces.. memories!) then crying tears of joy - So happy that you will be able to go ahead with the surgery for Annie! Blessed beyond your wildest dreams. SO very cool!

Anonymous said...

hi Jen!
Glad to hear it is all better for you...right now & as usual your stories make me laugh, cry, think, and ponder. Thanks for that!

spaypets said...

Oh, I'm so glad you have the money for the surgery, that makes me so happy! If it's the same kind of surgery I'm thinking of, Annie will have to be on bedrest for weeks afterwards. I hope you have a dog crate.

And, 50 words at 16 months...that's fabulous!