Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leaving a Baby Behind

So today was the day. Right now is the moment. I am NOT one of those people who refer to the dogs as my "fur babies" because I have plenty of human ones to keep me busy. My pets are not my four legged kids. My dogs are PETS. You know, furry creatures you feed and cuddle but don't get overly attached to.

Or so I keep telling myself.

Because today, with a sick feeling in my stomach, I know Annie is in surgery and I sort of feel like I have left my baby at the doctor's office.

Eric carried Her Royal Highness into the vet clinic this morning.

She was weighed. A healthy 9 kilos, or almost 20 pounds. Miss Tiny outweighs her now! She has a bandage around her middle because yesterday they shaved her and put on a pain patch.

Then we waited, rather anxiously, for the vet to come in and explain the final parts of surgery to Eric and I. Annie will need six weeks of bed rest. Yes, a Jack Russell on BED REST. This should be just a blast. Her bandage will be stitched to her leg. Oh and by the way, that $1600 dollar quote? Doesn't include pain meds or follow up visits. Joy.

Dr. M (M is for Marvelous, not Mediocre we hope) took a crying, shaking Annie into the back room to sedate and we said goodbye until we pick her up tomorrow.
I am thankful we could do this, nervous for the pooch and proud of how well Eric handled the stress today. Last night? Not so fun. We will see how tonight goes.


Kristie said...

can you follow the vet to see how well she handles the surgery?

Erin said...

Praying that she gets through the surgery quickly and recovers fully! We have two English bulldogs so I know all about dogs and surgery. :(

spaypets said...

The recovery is going to be a pain. You should ask if there's some sort of med to help mellow her out. Even benedryl can help mellow dogs.