Thursday, July 17, 2008

8:30 am Friday

Been up since 5. Not so sure I slept much last night. Or the night before. Or even the night before that.

Greg is calm. Collected and seemingly bored stiff waiting for our plane. He was surfing You tube until I rudely took my laptop back to check my email.

Don't know whats stressing me out - the unknowns I guess. Half the time I am picturing an emotional reunion for everyone. Half the time I am picturing having to be tough and have boundaries and maybe us being gunned down in a gang war. I know. Stupid. And I know its probably somewhere in the middle (minus the gang war of course).

Had a good talk with Greg on the drive down. Telling him that Papa (my dad) doesnt want us to go. Wants to keep Greg "all for himself". Got a big smile out of Greg from that. I hope, I pray, we have done the right mix of empowering this visit to happen and letting him know that we feel strongly he is an integral part of our family too.

About to board the plane. Chicago here I come. St. Louis shortly thereafter.

Meeting McKenna, LambeauSam, DebiP, Openadoptmomof3 tonight for a pool party (and I hope a glass of wine!).

Prison visit tomorrow morning.

Going to go pray I think.

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